Your Appointment - What to Expect:


New patient initial assessment – general chiropody/podiatry



When you arrive for your initial assessment we will ask you to complete a medical history form, this will also ensure we have the correct contact details for you.


The clinician will discuss your medical history and ask you for a verbal as well as written consent to examination and treatment.


The clinician will then carry out a thorough examination of both lower limbs including a Doppler test (to check blood flow) and a tissue (skin) viability test and neuropathy (nerve) test.  These are not intrusive and do not cause any discomfort.


Appropriate treatment will be carried out during the appointment.  This could include hard skin removal, corn removal, toe nail clipping.  Verrucae are treated as an initial verrucae appointment because there are sometimes several and it is not possible to treat these and carry out routine chiropody within the time allowed.


Verrucae treatments require regular application and complete expulsion of verrucae can be a lengthy process.  It depends how well the individuals immune system responds to the treatments as to how long it will take to treat and eradicate.


The clinician will advise on homecare and when another appointment would be advisable


You need to allow approximately three quarters of an hour for this appointment.


If you do not wish to book another appointment at the time our policy is to contact you when the appointment is due by your preferred method of contact.


Do's and Don'ts before attending your appointment:



Bio Mechanical Assessment:

You will need to bring your daily and any specialist footwear with you for example training shoes, hiking boots 

During this appointment your gait, range of motion and tensile strength will be assessed.  Leg length will be measured to check for any discrepancy and the effect on internal and external rotation to the lower limb will be considered.  

Advice on stretching and strengthening as a part of your treatment regime is given along with a footwear review.

Should you require them, a plan of your foot orthoses (insoles) would be made based on the findings.


The orthoses are made on the premises in our lab and workshop, this is very beneficial should adjustments need to be made at the time of fitting and afterwards.  We would usually re-assess every 18 months during which time any changes to the prescriptions are made and any maintenance to the orthoses is carried out.

Up to an hour must is allowed for the Bio Mechanical Assessment appointment.

If you do go on to have bespoke orthotic insoles made an accurate estimate will be given during the Bio Mechanical Assessment.

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