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After years of suffering with foot pain and Osteo Arthritis I had all but given up on my favourite pastime of walking.  Being of a pensionable age I was quite depressed at the alternatives open to me.

I decided to give orthotics a go after hearing one of my friends had been to Feet & Co with a painful heel and they had worked for her.

Since I have been using the orthotics I am now able to walk 10 miles without any discomfort.  I can recommend orthotics to anyone who is suffering with foot pain.


JS Tollerton Notts


I have been Diabetic since my early teens so I realise the importance of footcare and preventative treatment.  I have always had Chiropody treatment but had to find a new Chiropodist when my old one left the area.  The level of treatment I have experienced at Feet & Co has been on a much higher level to that I have ever experienced before.

I am regularly monitored with Doppler testing, something my Diabetic clinic don't even do!  The nerves to my feet and toes are checked regularly.

The advice that I have been given on Diabetes and footcare has been brilliant.  A very professional, friendly and enjoyable experience all round and 'Walking on Air' becomes a truism!


DC East Bridgford Notts


You have a great set up there.  You and your team are extremely helpful and welcoming and the service totally blew me away.  A credit to your profession.  Thank you for a great service.


D Statham Notts

Feet & Co